Priv by BlackBerry 赢得了国外媒体的认可!

还记得10月30日BlackBerry举行的Berrylink独家消息:黑莓官方举办BlackBerry Priv媒体体验会吗?

最近,诸如CNet, Mashable, WSJ, PCWorld, The Next Web, VentureBeat等媒体对PRIV的评测陆续曝光:下面的红色字体是译者翻译内容供参考。

Hubert Nguyen, Ubergizmo: At the end of the day, the BlackBerry PRIV’s value comes from the fact that it has a good physical keyboard, it’s a true BlackBerry device, and the design and camera are nice. You get all the Android and BlackBerry strengths in one package. (你在一个机器上就可已获得所有Android系统和BlackBerry特性的东西)If that sounds like a great proposition, you may just fall in love with it.(你会爱上Priv的!)

David Pogue, Yahoo Tech (@Pogue): The Priv is a good-looking Android phone with three unusual perks: Much better security than most Android phones, a glorious legacy of clever shortcuts and efficiencies, and a slide-out physical keyboard. Unlike most phones, which have become increasingly generic, this one has a mission, a point of view, and a particular audience in mind(不像其他大多数智能手机那样越来越通用,从另一个角度来看,Priv将是给特定用户脑海中留下印象的机器!)It may not cause Apple and Google to crumble. But it knows exactly what it wants to be—and that’s something

Emil Protalinski, VentureBeat: BlackBerry did a lot of things right. A lot. In fact, I would almost call this the perfect phone for die-hard BlackBerry fans still hoping for a comeback, or even just business users who want security without feeling like dinosaurs….(对于仍然希望BlackBerry东山再起的铁杆黑莓用户而言,我认为Priv可以称作是最完美的机器)Privthe hardware is all there, and while the software isn’t perfect, it’s still much better than the reverse. The Priv is only going to get better.(Priv只会变得更好!)

Andrew Hoyle, CNet: My favorite thing is that the screen slides up to reveal this keyboard beneath. (我最喜欢Priv的地方是屏幕向上滑动,下面露出键盘)The phone moves. It transforms, and it’s snappy! It reminds me of the only Motorola Razor V3 from the early 90s that you can snap shut. We’ve got that physicality back in the phone, that movement, and I am so glad to see something like that back…I think a lot of Android users are going to be very keen to try out this phone,(我想很多Android用户会非常踊跃地尝试Priv这款机器) and certainly people who love BlackBerry’s keyboards; they’re going to love this as well.

Tim Moynihan, Wired: Design-wise, it’s the slickest BlackBerry ever. (设计的很合理,Priv将是黑莓最灵巧的机器)There’s a curved 5.4-inch OLED display and curved edges on the frame that make it feel like less of a block in the hand than it appears to be. Said screen is tack-sharp, too, with a QHD (2560×1440) resolution and a pixel density checking in at 540ppi… If you’re a longtime BlackBerry user who’s looking for something that finally—finally—gives you a hardware keyboard with a legitimate app ecosystem and some of the manufacturer’s legacy features, this is your phone.(Priv就是你想要的机器

Joanna Stern, The Wall Street Journal: Security experts I spoke to said that kernel hardening, if done right, would make the Priv more secure than other Android phones, and perhaps even the iPhone…For the first time in years, BlackBerry has a phone that can win back the hearts and dollars of people it lost years ago(Priv终于成为BlackBerry能够赢回多年前丢失的人心和金钱的机器啦!—at least enough that I’ll once again spot a BlackBerry owner or two among my friends and colleagues.

Antonio Villas-Boas, Business Insider: I’m personally much more comfortable typing with touchscreen keyboards than with a tiny physical keyboard, but it’s something I could get used to. It’s nice to reply to a text, chat, or email with the entire screen available to me instead of cutting off some content because of the on-screen virtual keyboard…The BlackBerry Priv is a solid performer with good looks, unique and robust features, and a great camera.(BlackBerry Priv拥有漂亮的外观、稳定的表现、独特强大的功能、相当棒的摄像头

Andrew Orlowski, The Register: If somebody told you six months ago that the best Android phone of 2015(Priv将是2015年最佳Android手机 would have been made by BlackBerry, you’d have thought they were a bit mad. And if anyone had dared suggest that BlackBerry would produce a contender for ‘Phone of the Year’, you’d assume they were totally deluded. Neither proposition seems unreasonable today. BlackBerry’s new Priv is the real deal.BlackBerry Priv将是2015年最佳Android手机

Katharine Byrne, Expert Reviews: The BlackBerry Priv is a real beast of a smartphone…(BlackBerry Priv的的确确是怪兽级手机)[its] display is excellent, it has a great camera, and its decision to add Android on top of a physical keyboard will no doubt be a huge draw for former BlackBerry users who have been side-lined by a lack of decent apps.

Jim Love, ITbusiness.ca: The Priv is a gorgeous device. It’s elegant, slim, and weighing in at 192 grams, it feels solid in your grip…I was also able to pick up my old microSD card and slide it right into the BlackBerry Priv’s expandable memory slot. That’s something I can appreciate after using a Galaxy 5 and an iPhone – neither device supports external memory. And that’s just the first advantage I found the Priv holds over its rivals.

Edward Baig, USA Today: People who may not have considered BlackBerry in the past may indeed consider this one because of the presence of Android…. The Priv is a pricey phone, it’s a good phone, and it might just be the phone to have you give BlackBerry another chance.

PRIV angle rear













Aatif Sulleyman, Gizmodo UK: This is clearly a BlackBerry, despite the lack of a joystick. It’s a dark mass of ridges, curves and edges, and I’m a fan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not the prettiest handset out there, but it’s ruggedly handsome, sort of like Sean Bean…[The Priv is] a big step in the right direction. More importantly, it’s dramatically different to anything on the market right now, in a good way.

Florence Ion, PC World: The BlackBerry Priv is a pretty outstanding attempt at an Android device…even if its slide-out keyboard does take a while to get used to. I’m shocked that Blackberry managed to make a phone that could compete with the rest of them. Here’s to hoping it sells enough units of the Priv to afford them a second generation.

Ben Woods, The Next Web: It’s clear that BlackBerry has listened to feedback and considered how best to make a phone that everyone could use, not ridden roughshod over the core OS with its own pointless services and features to create a deformed version of Android that no one should want. Unlikely as it might seem, including to me, it’s probably one of the best Android phones I’ve ever used…BlackBerry’s finally made a smartphone that the average person on the street should want. It’s a great phone.

Black Background PRIV by BlackBerryRussell Holly, Android Central: The Blackberry Priv deserves its $699 price tag. It’s an experience that completely justifies the price, which isn’t something we get to say about the high end of the smartphone market often enough anymore…This is absolutely one of the best phones to be released this year, and while BlackBerry still has to demonstrate it can keep its promises when it comes to software updates this is already an exceptional experience. It’s only going to get better from here.

Chris Barraclough, Recombu: The move to Android is one to be commended, a potential masterstroke that could well tempt old BB users back to the fold and win some new supporters…By ditching its own OS for Android, Blackberry will hopefully tempt back lost followers and welcome fresh supporters to its fold, while the tweaks and bonus features such as Blackberry Hub and DTEK make for a solid user experience. Factor in the impressive hardware and this really is one of the best phones of 2015.

Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla, Canadian Reviewer: The BlackBerry PRIV is a greatest hits effort that encapsulates many of BlackBerrys strengths and innovations into a singular device. Not only is this the most compelling Android smartphone I’ve tried this year, it is also the most versatile device out there…

Lance Ulanoff, Mashable: Without question, the BlackBerry Priv is one of the best devices BlackBerry has ever built. It’s a responsive, above-average Android phone with BlackBerry DNA and great battery life. It feels good in your hand, and unlike virtually every other Android device on the market, it has an excellent physical keyboard.

PRIV by BlackBerry open and closed

Chris Hall, Pocket-Lint: This isn’t just a “me too” smartphone. This is distinctly different, clinging on to some of BlackBerry’s most popular features, while firing with both bores into the Android space…Overall, there’s a lot we like about the Priv. It’s interesting, it’s different and the curved edges to the display feel lovely.

Jeff Parsons, Daily Mirror (UK): It’s difficult to emphasize how important the BlackBerry Priv is in terms of a new direction. By dropping its own operating system and jumping ship to Google’s Android, BlackBerry has opened the doors to every app you could want. In one move, the company has addressed the biggest issue it’s had for the last four years…this is undoubtedly BlackBerry’s best phone to date.

BLa1Ze, CrackBerry: If you would have asked me two years ago if I could foresee recommending folks go out and buy a BlackBerry powered by Android, I pretty surely would have said that would never happen. However, after using the Priv throughout this review period, I have no qualms about giving that recommendation now… The Priv experience stands alone, and BlackBerry is right to ask what they’re asking for the Priv.

Lynn Greiner, Financial Post: The BlackBerry Priv is not a bargain phone – BlackBerry is addressing the premium market – but it’s a solidly functional one, mixing the best of BlackBerry with the familiarity of Android. It’s completely manageable, and has done a nice job melding both ecosystems in a way that should please users of both platforms. And, it addresses the main complaint about BlackBerry – now there are apps galore.

Adam Swimmer, Stratford Beacon Herald: BlackBerry has, if nothing else, brought variety back to the smartphone market in terms of design… All in all, the Priv is a solid device and if you’re a fan of physical keyboards and your hands aren’t too big, it might be right for you.

Mike Prospero, Tom’s Guide: The most elegant BlackBerry yet… What I like most about the Priv is its software enhancements: namely, the Productivity Tab, keyboard shortcuts, security and, of course, the BlackBerry Hub.


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