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官方:黑莓Priv Android 6.0.1 AAE570系统版本发行说明

黑莓官方正式发布了首个适用Priv的 Android 6.0.1(AAE570),适用该版本的Priv手机用户将会收到黑莓官方的推送升级消息(OTA系统升级更新方法)。黑莓priv手机安卓棉花糖

当你收到官方的系统升级推送消息后,可按提示进行升级(需在WIFI网络环境)。升级后可解决修复之前Android 5.1.1 AAD027 与 AAD250系统版本下出现的一些功能故障等问题。

以下是Blackberry官方发布的Android 6.0.1(AAE570)系统版本发行说明(英文)

BlackBerry powered by Android 6.0.1 AAE570

This release upgrades your device to Android 6.0.1, and fixes other issues in BlackBerry powered by Android 5.1.1 AAD027 and AAD250.

Fixed issues

  • Some of the text to support accessibility for the BlackBerry Keyboard might be confusing or incorrect.
  • In some cases, you might not be able to view text messages (SMS or MMS) on your device.
  • In some situations, when your device is turned off and the NFC feature is turned off, including theAllow when device power is off switch, the device might vibrate or make a sound like it is transferring content over NFC when the back of the device is close to the back of another NFC-enabled device.
  • In some cases, NFC is unexpectedly turned on after you start your device for the first time.
  • In some cases, your device’s NFC connection might not function correctly.
  • In some cases, transferring data using NFC might not function as expected.
  • In some cases, the IMS status might not appear in Settings > About phone > Status.
  • The Tap & Go payment process might stop working as expected after several successful payment transactions.
  • In some cases, an app might receive input from an unprivileged app and stop responding.
  • In some situations, the Phone app stops responding.
  • In some cases, an application could issue an intent that causes the device UI to refresh and the device to lock.
  • The tone cadence for call waiting is incorrect. The initial sound has only one tone, when there should be two, and the second set of tones plays correctly, but the wait time before the second set of tones is too long.
  • If your device is connected to a Bluetooth enabled device, sometimes A2DP audio is intermittently disconnected, and your device displays an “Underflow” message.
  • If one of your fingers is resting on the physical keyboard, you might not be able to unlock your device with a pattern.
  • If you are using your device in another language, in the Display settings, some strings might be translated incorrectly.
  • For some customers, IMS settings appear when they shouldn’t.
  • Calling a local emergency number or an international number using Voice over LTE (VoLTE) does not work.
  • If you start a VoLTE conference call and move to a 3G wireless coverage area, you might receive an error message indicating that the call can’t be completed even though the call continues.
  • If your device is connected to a Bluetooth enabled device, when you receive a call, the correct caller ID might not appear.
  • You can’t change the data usage statistic view from gigabytes to megabytes.
  • Some preloaded applications become unresponsive when sent an intent with a null action.
  • In some cases, your device stops responding.
  • The options displayed in Settings > More > Mobile Network Settings > Preferred Network Type are incorrect.
  • In some cases, the default wallpaper might not appear as expected.
  • Some applications might unexpectedly become unresponsive.
  • In some cases, preloaded browser bookmarks might not be correct.
  • In some cases, you might receive an incorrect message when your device is using data roaming.
  • If you turn on Wi-Fi calling and then insert a different SIM card into your device, Wi-Fi calling might not turn off by default.
  • In some cases, the 4G+ icon might flicker.
  • In Settings > Accounts > Add account, you can add an account for Phone and SIM Card, though these options have no apparent purpose.
  • The default network type might be incorrect.
  • If your service provider is Wind Italy, the APN names for Internet and MSM are incorrect.
  • If your service provider is Telfort NL, the bookmarks in the browser might not work.
  • If you are connected to the Iusacell wireless network, and long-press “3” on the dial pad, you are not forwarded to customer service (*611).
  • The IMS/VoLTE switch appears for EE customers.
  • The Access Point Name (APN) settings for Vodafone UK might not be correct.
  • The Internet APN and MMS configuration on Cell C for Advinne, FNB, Smart Mobile, and me&you isn’t current.
  • If your service provider is T-Mobile Hungary, the APN names for Internet and MMS are incorrect.
  • The APN for IMS and Voice over LTE might not be visible.
  • The MVNX MVNO configuration file needs to be updated.
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