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黑莓官方发布确认BLACKBERRY PRIV在秋季发布

黑莓今天在其官方网站发布了一张有关BLACKBERRY PRIV的图片,从中确认了BLACKBERRY PRIV的发布时间就在今年秋季。

BlackBerry Priv shangshi图片的主图也很可能是blackberry priv手机的外包装盒样式



Yesterday we awoke to the news that the name of our newest smartphone was leaked to the public prior to its official launch later this year. At a time when your personal privacy is increasingly compromised, we wanted you to know that you are not alone.

We found this breach of privacy extraordinary, and at the same time the best demonstration as to why BlackBerry’s products, technology and brand are essential to the world.

In recognition of our long history of valuing our customers’ privacy we’ve named our next generation phone Priv, a name that has tremendous value for everyone worldwide.



We are so thankful to the BlackBerry Community for all their support.

“BlackBerry’s rumored Android-powered slider will reportedly be known as the Priv. Likely shortened from “privacy,” the title was leaked Wednesday.” –

“The BlackBerry Venice is to have a high focus on Privacy, making the new Priv name very sensible.” –

“For the Canadian company, this name is a nod to their privacy and security features that are being brought over to Android.” –

“BlackBerry’s upcoming Android phone…will be released as the BlackBerry Priv, presumably due to its privacy features.” –

‘The name (Priv)…certainly falls in line with BlackBerry’s security and privacy history.” –

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    期待安卓版 机器造型不要太大呀

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