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黑莓CEO程守宗祝贺BB Merah Putih推出黑莓Aurora手机

黑莓印度尼西亚的品牌合作伙伴BB Merah Putih推出的黑莓Aurora手机正式上市,黑莓CEO程守宗(John Chen )发布了一个祝贺视频。

BlackBerry首席执行官John Chen祝贺BB Merah Putih推出Aurora视频

Good morning. I apologizeI cannot be with you in person today to celebrate our partnership with BB Merah Putih. I’ve always recognized the importance of the Indonesian market to BlackBerry. I remember being in Jakarta in June of 2014 to launch my first BlackBerry smartphone as CEO of the company. TheBlackBerry Z3, codenamed, Jakarta, and I’m very proud of the fact that Indonesia has the largest user base of one of my favorite apps, BBM. It’s with your continued support and loyalty that BlackBerry has been able to turn around and transform itself into a leading secure software company we are today.

Your commitment has not gone unnoticed. I recognize how much you love BlackBerry smartphones and of course on that, I share your feelings. I will make every effort to ensure that as part of BlackBerry’s future, we continue to deliver smartphones to you. Not only would it get the state-of-the-art, industry-leading security the device will be proudly labeled, made in Indonesia. Congratulations on today’s launch and thank you from me and everyone at BlackBerry. I look forward to continue to innovate and partner with Indonesia.



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