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黑莓宣布与日本Tier 1供应商电装(DENSO)合作开发号称世界上首款整合汽车人机接口(HMI)的平台,希望能够降低汽车设备集群及信息娱乐系统的成本。




全新平台采用的是黑莓的QNX Hypervisor管理程序及英特尔凌动处理器A3900系列,仅在一个电子控制单元下进行工作。Hypervisor扮演的像是一种计算机化的交通警察,指挥着车内电子系统的运行。

黑莓QNX高级汽车业务经理Grant Courville在接受采访时表示:“hypervisor的工作是确保单个系统的运行不会干扰到其他系统,同时安全性也不会因此受到影响,过去所面临的挑战是即便拥有充足的实力也无法将所有系统集中到单个芯片上。”






DENSO and BlackBerry Driving the Future of Digital Cockpits

Today’s vehicles transmit more data to drivers than ever before. Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) such as infotainment screens, speedometers, and entertainment systems all compete for our attention while on the road. And because each system runs on its own microcontroller and might require its own OS, it has not been possible to link them together into a unified dashboard or digital cockpit.

That’s a problem in connected vehicles where multiple systems cannot operate in isolation and must instead be part of a single, unified digital cockpit that delivers both critical and timely information to the driver in a safe and effective manner.

This is one of the many goals BlackBerry QNX has been working towards as we can help to make the driving experience both more secure and simply better, and that is why today we are proudly announcing a new partnership which will allow us to do exactly that.

Working with DENSO and Intel, BlackBerry has collaborated on developing a fully-integrated digital cockpit. Developed with the BlackBerry QNX Hypervisor 2.0 – launched in June of this year – this new solution is believed to be the first of its kind.

Operating from a single microcomputer, this new platform allows each HMI in the connected car to be treated as a standalone system, while at the same time being fully integrated into the digital cockpit so they can effectively engage with one another. This ensures that, while the systems can interact, they also will not directly impact one another’s performance, allowing for new functionality like timely heads-up warnings and navigational alerts to be delivered directly on the dashboard or via the audio system.

blackberry hmi

Together with DENSO and Intel, we’ve created a platform that we believe will be the new gold standard in the automotive industry and we look forward to working with our partners to continue developing this platform for years to come.

DENSO and BlackBerry will both have booths at the upcoming Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, from January 9-12, 2018. Our integrated digital cockpit will be on display in DENSO’s booth in 1917, North Hall. You can register hereWe look forward to seeing you there.

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