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黑莓手机仍继续存在,DTEK60和Passport 2即将到来

让我们看下这么一段来自黑莓总部所在地加拿大安大略省议会的的视频,视频中MPP Michael Harris对黑莓做了一个很中肯的描述,黑莓手机仍继续存在,并有意无意中提到了DTEK60即将到来。



Today there was big news coming from the tech company in Waterloo that put the smart into smartphones.

I was pleased to speak in the Ontario Legislature about how BlackBerry devices will remain alive and will continue to manage the software to ensure that they continue to be the World’s Most Secure Android Smartphone.

I am pleased to report that BlackBerry devices will remain alive!YES!well providing secure work space it has built its reputation on for years to come.

It’s true that BlackBerry leadership and device software will become the company’s foucs reports of the death of the much-loved that realize BlackBerry handset to quote mark tween are greatly exaggerated.

You’ll still be able to browse text tweet and talk your new lastest Priv and DTEK50 and soon-to-be DTEK60 and Passport.

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