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Smartphone Madness 2016:黑莓PRIV获冠军

Smartphone Madness 2016评比活动中,黑莓PRIV以69%得票击败了决赛对手Alcatel Idol 4 & 4S(31%)获得冠军。Smartphone Madness 2016 PRIV

这次活动共有16款智能手机,包括三星Galaxy S7,苹果iPhone 6S,和谷歌Nexus 6P等。黑莓Priv能够走到最后获得冠军值得祝贺,就在前几日黑莓PRIV还获得了2016红点设计大奖

Smartphone Madness 2016 PRIVSmartphone Madness 2016 比赛对阵图示

The BlackBerry PRIV is one formidable piece of hardware. Since launch, positive feedback for our first Secure Android Smartphone has continued to pour in from major publications and reviewers as well as regular consumers. Professionals ranging from aerospace engineers to TV chefs swear by it as their daily driver, and it recently received first place in Red Dot’s 2016 Product Design Awards.

Now, PRIV has one more claim to fame. Yesterday, popular online tech magazine Tom’s Guide announced it as the winner of its 2016 Smartphone Madness Competition. Modeled on the NCAA ‘March Madness’ Basketball tournament, the contest pits the 16 top smartphones on the market against one another in a series of one-on-one rounds, urging users to vote on which device they love the most.

Even with heavy hitters like the Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple iPhone 6S, and Google Nexus 6P in the running for this year, PRIV emerged victorious.

S-Madness16-Bracket-FINAL“PRIV won the final round of Smartphone Madness, capturing 69% of the vote,” writes Philip Michaels of Tom’s Guide. “That was enough to propel BlackBerry’s first Android phone past the Alcatel Idol 4 and 4S, which finished with 31 percent. The finals completed a dominant run by the PRIV, which never got less than 69% of the vote in its four match-ups against other top devices.” (PRIV also defeated the Sony Xperia X, the Google Nexus 6P and 5X, and the HTC One A9)

“As we noted in our review of the phone, the PRIV brought a more modern Android OS to the features that helped BlackBerry dominate the smartphone world prior to the iPhone’s arrival – a slide-out physical keyboard, robust productivity apps, and strong security,” added Michaels.

Smartphone Madness 2016: BlackBerry Priv vs. Alcatel Idol 4 & 4S争夺冠军

Smartphone Madness 2016: BlackBerry Priv vs. HTC One A9

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