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Beta Zone对黑莓Priv开启安卓6.0棉花糖内测项目

从黑莓官方博客获悉,BlackBerry Beta Zone对黑莓Priv开启了Android 6.0 Marshmallow内测项目。着急尝鲜的莓友可以申请加入,以帮助黑莓测试反馈和完善。


项目名称:Android OS by BlackBerry



  • To be in the first wave of beta testers, you must have a PRIV purchased from ShopBlackBerry, Amazon or Carphone Warehouse. Other device owners may apply too, but won’t be accepted into the program immediately.
  • You’ll need to enable background diagnostic reporting so engineering teams at BlackBerry can analyze collected data in aggregate and make improvements where necessary.
  • There is limited space in the beta program. New registrations join the waitlist, from which new participants will be selected as we grow the program. The first group of participants will receive invitations this week.
  • Registration will be open for about two weeks, and we’ll begin beta testing during the second week of April.
  • The beta will last about 4-8 weeks.

6.0 Marshmallow新特性:

  • Now On Tap, which identifies keywords in your communications, apps and searches and automatically adds cards with relevant information, such as directions to a restaurant mentioned in your friend’s dinner invitation.
  • Better battery life with Doze, which puts your PRIV into a sleep state when you haven’t used or moved it in a while, andApp Standby, which limits the impact of rarely used apps on your battery.
  • Streamlined settings allow you to manage all of an app’s settings in one place.
  • Auto backup for apps, which lets you seamlessly back up your apps and app data, and system settings backup, which allows you to back up things like sync, do not disturb and accessibility settings, so you can get right back where you were if you need to restore.

BlackBerry Beta Zone的使用方法,请查看:关于使用Blackberry Beta Zone方法

另外在Q4FY2016财报上,BlackBerry CEO程守宗也曾表示:Priv by BlackBerry将于4月底5月初迎来MarshMallow升级,虽然只是大概时间,但从该内测项目的持续时间(4-8周)来看也能确认一点,6.0 棉花糖就要来了。


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