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黑莓PRIV荣获2016红点产品设计大奖(Red Dot Award 2016)

在2016全球红点设计大奖(Red Dot Award)评选中,黑莓公司最新手机产品Blackberry PRIV荣获产品设计奖。黑莓手机在产品外观设计上一直很有特点与创新,得到了用户与全球知名设计活动的认可,旗下产品除了多年来连续获得Red Dot设计奖外,还得到IF,IDEA的认可。

其Blackberry Z10包揽了世界三大设计奖(IF,Red Dot, IDEA).此外Blackberry passport是红点中的best of the bes——至尊奖。

Red Dot Award 2016

blackberrypriv设计草图Danish fashion designer David Andersen was on-site for this year’s jury session and said: “It is inspiring to see designs from all over the world and to follow the development. It is a pleasure to be a juror in a group of such competent designers who are looking at so many fantastic products and discussing each one individually.”

BlackBerry PRIV redditBlackBerry’s PRIV was designed by a highly skilled team of engineers and architects who brought to life the ideation of an Android-powered device with BlackBerry’s acclaimed physical keyboard, alongside a new world of security functions.

“Our BlackBerry Design Team is extremely excited to be recognized by the prestigious Red Dot, given the time and energy spent on developing this next level design for BlackBerry,” said Scott Wenger, Global Head of BlackBerry Devices Design. “PRIV is an innovative device encompassing a re-imagined form factor while also offering security standards on an Android device that many in the industry never thought would be possible. These design features and security enhancements set PRIV apart from the pack.”

We are so impressed and thankful for the brilliant designers, engineers, and overall team who came together to help us develop PRIV! Giant congratulations to the BlackBerry Design team!


2015年 Blackberry Passport \  Porsche Design P9983

2014年 Blackberry Q10\Q5\Z30

2013年 Blackberry Z10 \ Porsche Design P9981



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